Web Design Process

What makes J.E.M. Business Solutions different is that we like to make sure that every site we design is unique for the person and/or company we are designing them for.

Our 7 Phase Web Design Service Process

  1. Project Planning Phase:

    First, we like to discuss with you your ideas and goals (short and long term) so that we can decide on the best possible website solutions. This is why completing a Web Design Questionnaire with as much information as possible is so important. The questionnaire will allow us to discuss all your available options. We will also discuss an estimated time frame for completion, the estimated cost, and go over any details necessary for an agreement.

  2. Online Marketing Consultation Phase:

    During this phase we will create an in-depth plan for your online marketing needs beginning with the information provided in your Web Design Questionnaire. This will be helpful to designing and developing your website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Your plan will include determining your targeted audience, analyzing what is working for your competition, specialized search engines and affiliates, paid advertising solutions, social media integration, and more.

  3. Site Architecture Phase:

    We will create a blueprint of your websites pages and navigation. This includes defining how the site’s overall navigation should be structured, defining content hierarchy, and keyword integration.

  4. Design and Development Phase:

    Here is where we will begin putting all the planning from the first 3 phases in an actual visual mode.

    First you will be presented with a screenshot layout that implements your company’s color scheme and style. Clients are given the opportunity to make a maximum of 3 layout changes during the Design Phase.

    Once a layout has met your satisfaction we will begin the Development Phase by creating a temporary address on our server. You will be able to view and provide input on the progress of your website during this phase.

  5. Testing Phase:

    Before we launch your website it is very important that we make sure that any possible issues are addressed accordingly. Not doing so could greatly impact how your website is indexed by the search engines. We will check all links (internal and external), online forms, special features, and 3rd party services.

  6. Launch Phase:

    When you are completely satisfied with the final results, all files will be transferred to your permanent web host and associated services (web-based email, chats, etc.) will be made accessible.

  7. Training Phase/Maintenance Phase:

    Just because your website has been launch doesn’t me we are done. We want to make sure our clients are provided with the information and/or tools that they need to either allow us to maintain their website or maintain the website on their own. Clients are offered one-on-one training or we will provide you with information on how to properly send us your updates.

Average Completion Time

The total completion time for each project depends on the size and complexity of the project. A small to medium-sized website usually takes up to 2 weeks to complete, however, a large or e-commerce website might take up to a month or more. Once we discuss your needs and ideas we will be capable of giving you an estimated time of completion.