Web Design Content Submission Information

It is my responsibility as your Web Designer/Developer to assemble your content in a way that is graphically pleasing and user friendly for your online visitors. For me to accomplish this goal it is important that you submit your content per the information provided in this document and on the J.E.M. Business Solutions website. Any content not submitted as mentioned in this document can result in the inability to complete your request in a timely manner and/or could incur additional charges.

Ways to Submit Your Content

There are 3 ways that you can submit your content. They are as follows:

  • Online Storage/Cloud Services: J.E.M. Business Solutions uses Dropbox, Box.com, and Google Drive services. Once it has been officially determined via contract or invoice that we will be working together a shareable folder will be created using whichever service you prefer. This folder will be used for us to exchange documents and images necessary for me to complete your project. This will also include contracts, invoices, and reports. I do ask that you use the same email address that you have provided me with for your account information. If you will be uploading images and text content, I ask that you create a folder for the day(s) they are being uploaded with the full year, month, and day (i.e., 2017.05.15). This will help me in keeping these files in an organized manner.
  • Web Design Project Request Form: This form is only used for quick and/or basic changes that can be completed within 24-72 hours. Please keep in mind that just because you complete this form doesn’t necessarily mean that I can complete your request within this amount of time. Some requests might take longer and I will notify you ahead of time if this is the case. You can upload up to 3 documents/images that are no larger than 5MB each and must have an associated content worksheet. Also, I ask that you do not use this form if your website is still being developed.
  • Email: You can send your documents and images to accounts@jembusinesssolutions.com. Please make sure you include your account number which can be located on your contract and invoice. Also, please do not send attachments that are a total over 20MB. If your files are more than 20MB, it is recommended that you use one of the online storage/cloud services mentioned above.

I do not offer the option to send documents and images via postal mail except if it is the absolutely the only option necessary for you to submit them to me. We will discuss this option if it is applicable and postal information will be provided to you at that time.

Copyrighted Content

Before I begin telling you how to submit your content, I think it is even more important that I mention submitting copyrighted content. J.E.M. Business Solutions WILL NOT KNOWINGLY add content to any website that is copied from ANY other website. Not only can this be bad for your search engine optimization, but depending on the site where you have gathered your information, it is considered illegal. Please only submit text, photos, and videos that are your sole property, you have legally purchased, or obtained the rights to. Clients are solely responsible for any legal action taken against you for the copyrighted content added to your website. This will be a part of your Web Design contract.

Text Content

  • I prefer that you submit your pages in Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx) or Text (*.txt) formats. If we are exchanging documents via Google Drive, you can use Google Docs as an alternative. Unless you are adding a form or flyer to your website, please do not submit text that I need to add to your website in PDF format. These tend to be harder to use when copying your content and will require typing. Typing content will be an additional hourly charge. This will also cause your request to take longer to complete.
  • Please do not send everything you have, including various notes with ideas, and ask me to pick out relevant information. Although I am your Web Webmaster, I am not an expert in your industry. No one knows your industry and your company as much as you do. The information provided on your website should be unique to you and your company. Content should be submitted exactly how you want it on your website.
  • If you are adding photos or images with your text content, it is very important that you include either the General Content Worksheet or the Product Content Worksheet. Doing so helps me to organize and add your information to your satisfaction in a timely manner. You will need a worksheet for EACH page or product along with the associated files. The worksheets can be either downloaded and/or submitted online by using the appropriate form(s) located on the Client Documents and Forms page.
  • Content submitted must be your final version. Although I do a basic spelling and grammar check for the content you would like to add, it is the responsibility of the client to check for spelling and grammar errors prior to you submitting it to me. Extensive proofreading and editing will be an additional hourly charge.

Photos/Images Content

  • It is highly recommended that you send me uncropped digitized photos that are in *.jpg, *.gif, or *.png format only. I will accept flyers and logos created using Microsoft Publisher (*.pub) or Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) via a 3rd party, however, please do not submit a request using the Web Design Project Request form for these formats.
  • If you are sending me your logo, please try not to send it with a color background. It is best they are sent only with transparent or white background. Usually the graphic artist that created your logo can provide you with a non-colored background.
  • Please make sure that you send your logos no larger than with a 300 dpi if they are being provided via a graphic artist.
  • Usually if you are sending photos from your cellphone, tablet, or a professional photographer your photos will be extremely large. It is highly suggested that you upload large photos to the online storage service we have agreed to use rather than email. Most email services including Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! have a limit on how large of a file your email can be and that is usually no larger than 20MB per email.
  • Just as with your text documents I ask that you add information about your photos to the General Content Worksheet or the Product Content Worksheet and that you name the files per that page. For example: If the photos are for your “Contact Us” page then the photos should be named contact-us-photo01.jpg, contact-us-photo02.jpg, contact-us-photo03.jpg, etc.
  • Please do not send photos that are scanned, copied, or in a PDF. These are not professional to add to your website and are highly discouraged. Although I can make minor changes and altering photos via Photoshop and other graphic software, I do not recommend it. If graphic editing must absolutely be performed there will be an additional hourly charge.
  • If you would like to use stock photos, please do not send them to me. It is best that you provide me with the site of the photo(s) and their image ID/number. You can also add this information to the associated page worksheet. Please keep in mind that many of these photo services charge a fee to use their photos royalty-free. Any charges will be added to your invoice and J.E.M. Business Solutions will adhere to any terms and conditions required for adding the stock photos to your website.

Audio/Video Content

J.E.M. Business Solutions designs responsive websites so that your site is easily viewed and accessible regardless of the device used by your visitors. Because of this, we do not add audios or videos for website play, except if they are for download only. It is highly recommended that you use an online video/audio service such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, or Ustream and submit a link to the video(s)/audio(s) you would like to have added to your website. This will allow us to embed your content within the website. This includes services for live 24-hour steaming, podcasts, etc. Again, please include the link to your video(s)/audio(s) per the associated page and listed on the associated page worksheet.

PDF Documents and Forms

I realize that for many using PDF files are very convenient when trying to send text and images to be added to their website, especially if this information was scanned. However, sometimes converting your text and images may not convert correctly or professionally for your website. Any PDFs sent to me to be added to the website will be added AS IS. If it is necessary that I type the content from your PDF, there will be an additional charge.

I can make your PDF forms fillable, however, I cannot make them submittable online. Due to changes with various browsers only Internet Explorer will permit PDF forms to be processed. All other browsers do not use Adobe Reader and only permit PDF forms to be viewed. There are 3rd party services, such as PDFFiller or SignNow (which is the service J.E.M. Business Solutions uses), that you can use and have linked or embedded into your website.